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Journal Papers
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2018-Future extreme rainfall change projections in the north of Iran January 2018
Spatial clustering of maximum 24-h rainfall over Urmia Lake Basin by new weighting approaches February 2018
Spatial and temporal trends of dust storms across desert regions of Iran February 2018
Future extreme rainfall change projections in the north of Iran January 2018
2018-Future heat stress arising from climate change on Iran’s population health March 2018
Regional scale rainfall–runoff modeling using VARX–MGARCH approach May 2018
Regionalization of Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency using a Simple Scaling Model Winter 2017
Urmia Lake water-level change detection and modeling Winter 2017
Regionalization of Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency using a Simple Scaling Model June 2017
Changes of extreme drought and flood events in Iran August 2016
Spatial patterns and temporal trends of daily precipitation indices in Iran August 2014
A generalized conditional heteroscedastic model for temperature downscaling August 2014
Identification of homogeneous regions for regionalization of watersheds by two-level self-organizing feature maps October 2014
Modeling climate effects on hip fracture rate by the multivariate GARCH model in Montreal region, Canada August 2014
-Modeling the relationship between climate oscillations and drought by a multivariate GARCH model November 2014
Snow water equivalent time-series forecasting in Ontario, Canada, in link to large atmospheric circulations June 2014
Data based analysis of bivariate copula tail dependence for drought duration and severity October 2013
Modeling rainfall runoff relationship using multivariate GARCH model August 2013
Modelling heteroscedasticty of streamflow times series July 2013
Testing and Modelling the Volatility Change in ENSO May 2013
Probabilistic flood inundation mapping of ungauged rivers linking GIS techniques and frequency analysis June 2012
Assessing Multi-site Drought Connections in Iran using empirical Copulas October 2012
Frequency distribution of extreme hydrologic drought of Southeastern semi-arid region Iran September 2012
Generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity modelling of hydrologic time series August 2012
Modeling seasonal variation of hip fracture in Montreal, Canada June 2012
Flood seasonality-based regionalization methods data based comparison July 2011
Statistically-based regionalization of rainfall climates of Iran May 2011
Low flow scaling with respect to drainage area and precipitation in northern Iran August 2010
Regional Dry Spells Frequency Analysis by L-Moment and Multivariate Analysis June 2010
Multi-criteria validation of artificial neural network rainfall-runoff February 2009
Rainfall trends analysis of Iran in the last half of the twentieth century April 2009
Regional daily maximum rainfall estimation for Cekerek Watershed by L-moments July 2009
Copula-based drought severity-duration-frequency analysis in Iran June 2009
Dry spell trend analysis of Isfahan Province, Iran June 2009
Extreme value frequency analysis of wind data from March 2008
Regional Frequency Distribution Type of Low Flow in North of Iran by L-moments March 2008
Regional maximum wind speed frequency analysis April 2008
Rainfall trends in arid and semi-arid regions of Iran February 2007
Regionalization of Maximum Daily Rainfall data over Tokat Province, Turkey February 2007
Streamflow drought time series forecasting February 2007
The use of time series modeling for the determination of rainfall climates of Iran February 2007
Regional precipitation climates of Iran January 2006
Streamflow time series modeling of Zayandehrud River January 2006
Classification of Spatio -Temporal Pattern of Rainfall in Iran using A Hierarchical and Divisive Cluster Analysis January 2006
Daily air pollution time series analysis of Isfahan City January 2005
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2017-Hydrological and Meteorological Extreme Events in Asia Understanding, Modeling, Vulnerability, and Adaptation Measures Winter 2017

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